Code of Ethics

As home inspectors, we subscribe to an important set of principles contained in the ASHI Code of Ethics.

Electrical and HVAC Inspection

These principles require a high degree of professionalism and integrity. Our inspectors act fairly and impartially towards their clients. Any conflict of interest must be avoided in order to assure the consumer a completely objective inspection.

Specifically, our inspectors will NOT:

(A) Reveal the contents of an inspection report to anyone but the client unless given their client’s prior consent.

(B) Be involved in any real estate activity from which they might financially benefit as a result of their inspection report.

(C) Use the inspection as a vehicle to obtain repair or related work on the property being inspected.

(D) Offer an opinion or evaluation on any subject with which they are not sufficiently familiar and experienced.

It is our strict adherence to this Code of Ethics that we have been able to develop and maintain our high standards of excellence.

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