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A wide variety of municipal inspections and plan review services

Licensed inspector Rob Gisch, of Detailed Inspection Services, understands the challenges facing municipal building inspection departments.

“When departments are short-staffed because of illness, vacation, or retirement, we can help fill the gap and provide plan reviews and field inspections,” he said.

Delaying work to wait for an inspection can be the difference between profit or loss for some contractors.

When cities, towns, or villages can’t provide timely inspections, they develop a reputation as being a difficult place for contractors to work efficiently, and frustrations grow.

In many cases, the local building inspection departments want to encourage growth and strive to conduct plan reviews and field inspections in as timely a manner as possible. 

However, the reality of a short-staffed department coupled with an increased need for inspections can lead to a struggle to meet demand.

Robert Gisch is the past President of the Illinois Chapter of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors and current president of the South Suburban Division of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors.

With our allied industry professionals specializing in the various disciplines of building science, Robert Gisch and Detailed Inspection Service can offer a wide variety of municipal inspections and plan review services including:

Inspections and plan reviews are vital to ensuring a building’s safety, and local municipalities, as representatives of the taxpayers they serve, are committed to making sure those inspections are done right.

We offer affordable rates and flexible schedules to allow for temporary or permanent assistance with all your municipal inspection and plan review needs.

All inspectors have all applicable licenses and certifications in their respective disciplines of building sciences.

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