Survey Shows Buyers Want Move-In Ready Homes

A recent survey revealed buyers want move-in-ready homes that don’t require a lot of work. A home inspection helps buyers understand what they’re getting.

In 2020, Better Homes & Gardens surveyed 2,000 recent home buyers and 500 real estate professionals to see what today’s home buyers want.

Previously, buyers wanted fixer-upper homes. They wanted outdated kitchens and bathrooms, and they wanted “project houses.”

Buyers Avoiding “Project Houses”

Today’s buyer, the survey found, wants to shy away from that depth of work. Instead, home buyers are seeking properties which may require cosmetic upgrades – such as new paint or flooring – instead of major renovations.

The Better Homes & Gardens survey discovered, “52% valued purchasing either a newly built home or one that didn’t require any renovations or repairs before moving in. No doubt it’s an issue of not wanting to spend time and money, with 35% of survey respondents concerned about budgeting for renovations.”

Home buyers surveyed said they particularly wanted to avoid homes that required any of the following:

  • replacing the roof
  • replacing a heating or cooling system
  • making structural changes
  • repairing drywall
  • dealing with mold or termites

Inspection Can Detail A Home’s Condition

The best way to determine if a house is in an acceptable condition for a buyer is to hire a home inspector.

During the home inspection process, a licensed inspector will examine both the interior and exterior of the home. 

An inspector isn’t looking for perfection, and normal wear and tear is expected. Instead, an inspector is looking for serious issues that may affect the functionality, safety or appearance of the home.

Within 24-48 hours after the inspection, the prospective buyer will receive (usually via e-mail) a comprehensive home inspection report written by the inspector. The report will detail any major deficiencies or expenditures the homeowner may encounter during the initial years of ownership of the home.

An inspection can reveal details about a home – such as the expected lifespan of the roof or problems with the furnace or air conditioning – which will help buyers make more informed decisions about the property.

A licensed home inspector extensively knows home systems and components and how they work together. Home inspectors have inspected hundreds of homes. They know what to look for because, chances are, they’ve seen it before. 

Rob Gisch, of Detailed Inspection Service, is an Illinois licensed home inspector. He is a fourth-generation electrician with more than 30 years’ experience. His home inspections will help buyers determine if a property is right for them.

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