Could Solar Panels be Required on Homes?

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Solar has been a hot topic for the last decade to say the least. In the recent past it has been a talking point on the energy front, but more recently there is quite a bit more to talk about.

California has become the first state in the US to actually mandate solar panels for all new homes.

This is a move by the state to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Critics have said that it will raise the cost of homes but supporters are applauding the new mandate. The new policy was approved unanimously by the California Energy Commission. reports that the regulation will require homes and apartments built after 2020 to be built with solar panels. This will add about $10,000 to the cost of construction for a single-family home.

While this doesn’t affect us today, it’s a possibility for the future. The SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) reports an average annual growth rate of 50%. Per (US Energy Information Association), while In 2018, Illinois ranked sixth in the nation in wind capacity with about 4,600 megawatts installed, and solar has grown rapidly in the last decade.

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