Small Towns Rely On Independent Building Inspectors

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Small towns often lack the volume – or budget – to justify a full-time building inspector. Outsourcing inspections to a licensed professional can be the ideal solution.

Small towns are big on charm, but can be lacking when it comes to having a licensed professional inspector on staff. For many communities, the solution is outsourcing their inspection needs.

Large towns and cities often maintain their own in-house building inspection department. The number of new builds or renovations in a larger community can keep a building inspector constantly busy.

Small Communities Lack the Volume For Full-Time Inspector

However, smaller towns, which may only need a few hundred inspections done a year, often lack the volume – or budget – to justify a full-time inspector. 

Rob Gisch, owner of Detailed Inspection Service, said small towns and rural communities are increasingly turning to outside professionals.

“In smaller towns, they might only need inspections done a few times a week, that doesn’t warrant having a full-time inspector on staff,” said Gisch. 

Regardless of a town’s size, safety remains a top priority, and elected officials always want to ensure any construction meets all appropriate safety standards and requirements. 

Detailed Inspection Service Helps Meet Towns’ Inspection Needs

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Inspections are necessary to promote building safety and encourage economic growth.

That’s where having an experienced inspector counts. Gisch is a licensed inspector with decades of experience. He has all the necessary licenses and professional certifications needed to meet the demands of communities of all sizes.

Detailed Inspection Service is able to conduct:

  • Building inspections
  • Electrical inspections
  • Rental inspections
  • Occupancy permit inspections
  • Resale inspections
  • Plan reviews

Gisch said he emphasizes the “personalized business model” which means he’s able to work with communities to provide them the inspection coverage to fit their needs.

Small towns and rural communities often run on shoestring budgets. Community officials see a dual need to increase their property tax rolls and spur economic development.

Being able to provide inspections in a timely and professional manner means local builders and general contractors won’t be unnecessarily delayed waiting for an inspector to arrive on site.

Gisch has experience conducting plan reviews and field inspections for communities of all sizes. For more information, contact Detailed Inspection Service.

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