Schedule a Condo Inspection Before You Buy

Living room and kitchen of open plan condo unit needing a condo inspection.

If you’re buying a condo, do you need the property inspected? Yes! Condo inspections are a critical part of the condo-buying process. At Detailed Inspection Service, we inspect condos to help keep you safe and protect your investment.

HOA Won’t Cover Interior Issues

Some buyers may think a condo inspection is unnecessary because they mistakenly believe the Home Owners Association (HOA) will cover issues. This can be an expensive and troublesome assumption. 

It’s true a condo generally requires less maintenance than a traditional single-family home. For most condos, the HOA will take care of maintenance and upkeep issues outside the unit’s walls. 

However, within the unit itself, the responsibility falls on the condo owner. The old adage “buyer beware” applies just as much to those purchasing condos as it does to more traditional home buyers.

A condo inspection is much like a home inspection in that it offers an assessment of the property’s condition. Skipping an inspection puts you at risk of ending up with a property needing pricey repairs or facing dangerous safety violations.

Trust Your Condo Inspection To Detailed Inspection Service

Detailed Inspection Service owner Rob Gisch is a licensed home inspector who has the experience and knowledge necessary to conduct condo inspections.

During the inspection, the plumbing, electrical systems, in-unit HVAC, water heater, walls, floors, ceilings, windows, and more are examined.

Safety elements, such as if the condo unit has working smoke detectors and door locks, will also be evaluated.

For more information about condo inspections, or to schedule an inspection, contact Detailed Inspection Service today.

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