Outsourcing Inspections Can Help Overwhelmed City Building Departments

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Outsourcing field inspections and plan reviews can help busy municipal building inspection departments cope with the workload.

Contractors know that construction delays can be costly. So when a project grinds to a halt because an overwhelmed city building inspection department doesn’t have the manpower to get an inspector on-site in a timely manner, frustrations build. Outsourcing inspection work to a professional, licensed inspector is the solution. 

Illness, Vacation, or Retirement Can Cause Building Inspection Departments To Struggle

Licensed inspector Rob Gisch, of Detailed Inspection Services, understands the challenges facing municipal building inspection departments.

“When departments are short-staffed because of illness, vacation, or retirements, we can help fill the gap and provide plan reviews and field inspections,” he said.

The current COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn means some municipalities are running on shoestring budgets. There’s a dual need to increase their property tax rolls and spur economic development.

Delaying Work Is Costly For Contractors

Delaying work to wait for an inspection could be the difference between profit or loss for some contractors.

When cities, towns, or villages can’t provide timely inspections, they develop a reputation as being a difficult place for contractors to work efficiently, and frustrations grow.

In many cases, the local building inspection departments want to encourage growth and strive to conduct plan reviews and field inspections in as timely a manner as possible. 

However, the reality of a short-staffed department coupled with an increased need for inspections can lead to a struggle to meet demand.

All the while, elected officials might be hesitant to assume the cost of bringing on additional full-time staff. 

While other city departments can share employees during a time of need, for example a park or cemetery employee can easily assist the street department, inspection departments don’t have that luxury.

Detailed Inspection Service Can Help Ease Workload

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Building inspector Rob Gisch, of Detailed Inspection Service, has the necessary licenses and professional certifications needed to meet the demands of communities of all sizes.

To conduct inspections, inspectors must meet strict licensing requirements set forth by the State of Illinois. Outsourcing municipal inspections is the perfect solution. 

At Detailed Inspection Service, Rob Gisch is a licensed inspector with decades of experience. He has all the necessary licenses and professional certifications needed to meet the demands of communities of all sizes.

Detailed Inspection Service is able to conduct:

  • Building inspections
  • Electrical inspections
  • Rental inspections
  • Occupancy permit inspections
  • Resale inspections
  • Plan reviews

Inspections and plan reviews are vital to ensuring a building’s safety, and local municipalities, as representatives of the taxpayers they serve, are committed to making sure those inspections are done right.

“Some busy communities have inspections happening all day,” explained Gisch. “Being short-staffed can mean they fall behind. I’m able to step in and show up whenever they need an inspection done.”

For more information about municipal inspections or plan reviews offered by Detailed Inspection Service, contact us today.

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