Newly Built Homes Still Need Inspections

You’ve just built the home of your dreams and have worked with your builder every step of the process. Does your brand new home still need a home inspection? Yes!

Houses are complex systems

Building a home is a major project, and there are hundreds of elements that go together to make the structure. 

If you’ve built the home from scratch, or if you’re buying a newly built spec home, an inspection is a must.

A house is a complex system. If any of the pieces are done incorrectly or simply left out, it could result in future damage to the home and you stuck paying for the bill.

The National Association of Home Builders says more than 3,000 components are used to build a house ranging from small nails and screws to foundation walls and roof trusses. 

Always a chance for error during the building process

Man in white protective suit spraying purple spray insulation between the rafters of a new home.
A home inspection will ensure a contractor didn’t forget to install insulation in your new home.

Builders rely on a range of sub-contractors for items like framing, painting, flooring, drywall, plumbing and electrical.

With each element, there’s a chance for error. Insulation may be inadequate or missing, electrical systems may not be to code, vents could be inadequately sealed, or new plumbing could leak or not be installed correctly.

A warranty from the contractor is not a good substitute for a proper home inspection. A home inspector is trained to notice details and can bring problems to the forefront to allow them to be fixed.

Any reputable builder should welcome a home inspection and the opportunity to fix errors before they become major issues.

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