More Cities Require Rental Inspections

Living room and kitchen of a rental apartment
Rental inspections are often conducted before a new tenant is allowed to occupy the apartment.

Every year, more people chose to rent instead of buy property. As a result, a growing number of municipalities require rental inspections either annually or before a new tenant moves in. 

Landlords and prospective tenants expect timely inspections, however finding the time to do the inspections can strain busy building departments. Outsourcing the inspections to a reputable, licensed, and experienced inspection company like Detailed Inspection Service is the key.

Millions of Americans Rent Instead of Buy

In the United States, more than 43 million households are renters. Between 2006 and 2016, the population of almost a quarter of the 100 largest US cities – including Chicago – changed from homeowner- to renter-majority.

Renters also tend to move between properties more frequently than homeowners. The average homeowner stays in a starter home for 11 years. In comparison, the average tenancy for a multi-family/apartment rental is 2.5 years. A single-family rental tenancy increases just slightly to 3 years.

Rental Inspections Designed To Protect Resident Safety

To protect the health, welfare, and safety of residents, rental property inspections are gaining popularity in municipalities across the country.

Though requirements vary by community, often a rental inspection occurs either annually or every time a new tenant moves into a rental unit. Many municipalities mandate no code of compliance and/or occupancy permit can be issued until the inspection is completed. 

Much like a pre-sale residential home inspection, during a rental inspection, a licensed inspector will visit the property and make an assessment of the rental unit’s condition.

The scope of the rental inspection may range from making sure the unit has working smoke detectors and functioning locks to verifying electrical wiring is up to code and ensuring all balconies are structurally sound.

Detailed Inspection Service Conducts Rental Inspections

Rob Gisch, with Detailed Inspection Service, is a licensed inspector experiencing in conducting rental inspections for communities across the Chicagoland area. 

Partnering with Detailed Inspection Service offers towns, cities, and communities in Illinois a way to offer timely and efficient rental inspections to help better ensure safe living conditions for residents.

For more information about municipal inspections or rental inspections offered by Detailed Inspection Service, contact us today.

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