Inspection Report Not a Mandatory Repair List

Your home inspection may reveal a lot about a property – perhaps an aging roof, outdated electrical wiring or leaky plumbing. Does the seller have to fix these issues? A home inspection report is a valuable tool, but it isn’t a mandatory repair list.

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A home inspection is simply an assessment of a home’s condition. A licensed expert will use their training to examine and evaluate the entire home, before writing his or her findings in a report.

Report can be used during sale negotiations

With the report in hand, you can negotiate with the seller to either fix issues or ask for a price reduction, but there’s no requirement for the seller to do either.

However, a potential buyer can walk away from the deal if an inspection uncovers major issues or more maintenance repair list items than a buyer is willing to undertake.

It’s important for the buyer to review the home inspection report and weigh the importance of each item listed. While a buyer may dream of the “perfect home,” in reality, there’s no such thing and a home inspection will disclose areas of concern.

In the majority of cases, if a potential buyer makes reasonable requests for items to be corrected, sellers will agree. 

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