How Does COVID-19 Affect A Home Inspection?

There’s no question, coronavirus has changed how we live our lives. An increasing number of meetings and interactions have become virtual, but what about events that still need to take place in person? How does COVID-19 affect a home inspection?

mask, gloves, hand sanitizer for home inspection
At Detailed Inspection Service, we take precautions during our home inspections to protect our clients from COVID-19.

Home Inspections Need To Take Place in Person

Home inspections are a crucial part of the home buying process. Buyers want to know what they’re purchasing, and a home inspection offers a professional assessment of the home’s condition.

However, in order to make that assessment, home inspectors need to physically visit the property. (Read why you can’t do a home inspection yourself)

During that time, the inspector will examine interior and exterior systems and components. (Read a list of all the things an inspector will examine) The entire inspection process can last three or four hours.

In addition, home inspections are an educational opportunity for prospective buyers. Joining the inspector during his inspection gives buyers the chance to ask questions and learn more about the home. 

Inspecting a home during this COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges. There’s no question that coronavirus has changed the home inspection landscape.

Masks, Hand Sanitizer & Social Distancing Part of Our Approach

At Detailed Inspection Service, the safety of our clients is a priority. We follow all CDC and Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines when conducting inspections.

Yet we also understand it’s important for buyers to participate in the inspection. Licensed home inspector Rob Gisch, of Detailed Inspection Service, still encourages his clients to join him during the inspection. 

During the inspection, Rob Gisch and his clients all wear masks and use hand sanitizer and while following the 6-foot social distancing recommendations.

After the inspection, home owners or real estate agents also are encouraged to sanitize door knobs, light switches, etc. 

Following an inspection, the inspector will write a home inspection report. The report will be provided to the client 24-48 hours after the inspection. At Detailed Inspection Service, our reports are e-mailed, a further way we’re able to reduce contact during COVID-19. 

Having the knowledge a home inspection provides is vital when buying a home, but staying safe in these trying times is also critical.  That is why we prioritize following COVID-19 guidelines. 

If you have any questions about the home inspection process or would like more information about how we conduct inspections during the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact us

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