Home Inspection Reveals if that Flip’s a Flop

Buying a flipped property can mean finding your dream house … or it can be a nightmare. A home inspection reveals if a flip has been done well or if shoddy work could put your family at risk.

Black kitchen sink with water running from faucet.
An updated kitchen might look nice, but if the plumping is incorrect, it may require expensive repairs.

House flipping, in which buyers purchase a home, make improvements and then hope to sell quickly for profit, has increased in popularity. 

Spurring the trend are scores of TV shows in which house flippers profit handsomely from their flipping efforts.

The potential to make cash has attracted amateur house flippers to the market. 

“Some flippers do it right and are great, but others are downright criminal,” said Home Inspector Rob Gisch of Detailed Inspection Service.

If you’re considering buying a flipped home, a home inspection is a must.

To the untrained eye, fancy kitchen and bath finishes or fresh coats of paint can make a house shine, but it might be nothing more than “putting lipstick on a pig.” Don’t be distracted by cosmetic bling. 

In an attempt to save money, amateur flippers might cut corners or cover up problems instead of fixing them.

Incorrectly wired electrical outlet
Poor wiring hidden behind an updated outlet is a fire hazard. This shoddy flip was caught during Detailed Inspection Service home inspection.

“Their attempt to deceive can create a hazard,” said Gisch. 

New light fixtures aren’t worth the money if the home’s wiring creates a fire hazard. Likewise, trendy paint colors could be covering a moisture or mold problem.

The lure of flipping money means some amateurs attempt projects beyond their expertise. Poor workmanship or jerry-rigged solutions may mean horrors for a homeowner months later.

Flippers often focus on cosmetic improvements, rather than functionality. After all, new homeowners are more likely to invite guests over to show off their kitchen backsplash than their plumbing lines.

Home inspections are done before a sale is finalized. The home inspector examines a house from attic to basement and can alert buyers to potential problems.

Home Inspection Can Save Buyers from a Shoddy Flip

“Flippers don’t fool me,” said Gisch.

Identifying major problems, shoddy work or disguised hazards during the inspection allows potential buyers to back out of the sale.

A home inspection can reveal if a flip is really a flop. Call Detailed Inspection Service to schedule your home inspection.

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