Can a House Fail a Home Inspection?

Can a house fail a home inspection? The short answer is no. A home inspection is the opinion of the inspector as to the condition of the home at the time fo the inspection.

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Houses can’t fail home inspections. An inspection is simply an evaluation of the condition of a home at the time of the inspection.

There is no pass/fail grade for a home inspection. Think of a home inspection as a status report. It is simply an evaluation of the condition of a home at the time of the inspection.

Home Inspection Describes a Property’s Condition

The inspection will describe the property’s physical shape and identify what needs to be fixed or replaced. A home’s systems, such as heating and cooling, will be tested during the inspection. (See what areas will be inspected during a home inspection.)

For a buyer looking for a move-in ready property, a few small issues revealed during the inspection may be enough to cause cold feet.

On the other hand, a buyer looking for a fixer-upper to sink their rehab teeth into might relish owning a home with a laundry list of issues.

Only the buyer themselves can decide if issues detailed in the inspection are concerning enough to walk away from a sale.

Home Inspectors are Limited to Visual Inspections

Home inspectors are limited to a visual inspection of the property. An inspector isn’t able to cut holes in walls, dig up lawns, tear off roofing or peel back flooring. 

While a visual inspection might flag potential problems, a true extent of an issue may require an outside professional.

Licensed home inspectors have evaluated hundreds of homes. They understand no home is perfect, and they’re not looking for perfection. Instead, a home inspector is looking for serious issues that may affect the functionality, safety or appearance of the home.

For more information, or to schedule a home inspection, contact Detailed Inspection Service.

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